Can A New Zealand Permanent Resident Work In Australia?

I would like to know whether i can work and live in Australia without a visa if i am an New Zealand permanent resident?


  1. Sayeedur. | | Reply

    hi, if bangladeshi passport holder get pr in nz. they can live in australia for working purpose?. as long as they want.thanx

  2. alfa | | Reply

    Hi, if you are south african with nz risedent why do u need to go to autralia enjoy the green and when you get nz passport enjoy your flight to anywhere in the world… hahahahahah

  3. Emiloly | | Reply

    Why don’t you get your NZ Citizenship and passport then move to Aussie??

  4. Kathy 9617 | | Reply

    yes if you have permanent residency

  5. Tainruad | | Reply

    Yes you can but there are some restrictions. A permanent resident has almost the same rights as a citizen but not quite. Check with the Australian High Commission in Wellington.

  6. Independ | | Reply

    B4 u think about working here, which as a South African resident of NZ –you cant, you have to get a visa into Oz FIRST.
    Tourist visas do not allow you to work and if you do and get caught, our Immigration rules will see you in jail then deported. A work visa is a real tough thing to get unless you have a highly skilled and designated short supply worker category going for you. i,e Doctor, Accountant, or some other profession.
    If you are not a degree holder in an exclusive type of work area. NZ will have to do mate.

    • Johno | | Reply

      I hate to burst your bubble there, bit it is easy to get in Aus. We go in with out any degree and are not specialised in our work fields…. You just have to get a company to sponsor you…

      • Felicity | | Reply

        And where do you find these companies?! I want to go back!

  7. Ozmaniac | | Reply

    No, only New Zealand citizens can live and work freely in Australia. As a South African passport holder, you MUST qualify for skilled immigration by having qualifications and experience in a listed occupation in which we need workers.…

  8. jennifer h | | Reply

    No you must be a citizen and hold a New Zealand passport. You can apply with being South African but you must pass strict criteria.

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