I Want To Live In Australia, Is There A Visa Simply Just For That?

I am a US Citizen and a friend of mine who lives in AU asked me to come live with her. Is there any way I could just live there or something like that? If not, what paperwork do I need to fill out?


  1. OzGirl | | Reply

    You cannot just come and live in Australia. I would get a visitor visa first and stay here for a while and see if you like it. Then think of moving here, but your chances are very slim unless you have qualifications that Australians are lacking.

  2. Takoda m | | Reply

    All I can say is we aren’t as bad as the UK, but it’s not easy.

  3. Charlie | | Reply

    You definitely need a visa to live and work there…not easy to get. if you wish to immigrate , it is a long, difficult process if you are accepted. See site below to research requirements.

  4. tuppenyb | | Reply

    you need to be skilled and experienced in an occupation needed in australia, pass the points test,criminal and medical checks
    due to the economy priority is given to those who’s occupation is on the critical skills list so you could be waiting a while

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